Dickson Dickson
Dickson fabric

blocks up to 100% of UV rays

For everyone

who gets sunburn...

Hélène’s story

Summer is just around the corner and already you can see yourself sitting on the terrace, working outdoors… It would be a shame to stay indoors because of the heat. Now the sun can shine all it likes – because we’ve got THE perfect solution.

A fabric that

screens you
from the sun


against heat:

All our fabrics block at least 70% of solar energy. Ideal for staying cool!


from U.V. rays:

The fabrics designed by Dickson block at least 90% of U.V. rays. Sunburn is a distant memory with Dickson fabrics.


the light:

Awnings and pergolas fitted with our fabrics regulate at least 70% of light. See more clearly!

Selecting and fitting Dickson fabrics:

our advice


our tips
and advice

How to make the most of your Dickson fabric.

Which fabric color for what kind of protection?

Even the lightest colored Dickson fabric filters at least 90% of U.V. rays, 70% of heat and 70% of light. Choose the best one for you! Dickson awning fabric also changes light color to create a special atmosphere, depending on the hue. Blue feels fresh and soothing, yellow friendly and stimulating, white calm and temperate.

Each to their own... color

Think of your awning fabric as an extension of your interior design, a way to express your craziest desires. Match it with the color of your walls, furniture or house front. The hardest part is choosing from the hundred or so colors on offer.

Shade... and more!

Manual, electric or automatic, your awning does more than protect you from the sun. 

Solar sensors automatically extend awnings from the first rays of sunshine. We highly recommend you use an anemometer to close awnings in sudden gusts of wind. Using state-of-the-art technology, you can also program your awning to open at certain times to keep your house cool or make it look like someone’s home. 


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